Thursday, 1 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Sixty-Five

“Just don’t make it black, you’ll look like Darth Vader,” Lucy said.

Wendy stared at her for a moment before hitting her own forehead again. “Darth Vader! Of course!”

“Huh?” Lucy was clearly baffled and Sienna felt much the same.

“Oh sorry, you just reminded me that Sienna and I will both need some sort of voice changer as well,” Wendy said. “Otherwise we could be identified that way.”

“That’s a good point,” Lucy said as she pulled her drafted pattern for Sienna’s costume and some pins from her bag. “But we’d best get on with this.”

She’d just finished adjusting the pattern to Sienna’s body when they heard a yell from Martin in the next room.

“What the hell!” The exclamation was followed by the sound of him smashing something.

“What's happened?” Wendy asked as they ran into the other room. Martin's computer was switched off and the dongle he'd been using was lying on the desk next to him. It had been smashed open and the sim card removed.

“Someone was trying to trace us.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Do you think that they located us?” Wendy asked. “It'd be a pain but we can move to one of the back up dens if we need to.”

Martin shook his head. “No, I realised in time.”

“You're sure they don't know where we are?” Wendy asked.

“Well they were trying to triangulate the dongle so they know we're in Castleham,” he said. “But that's not exactly a stretch to figure out. They didn't have time to pinpoint us. I think we need more dongles and only to use them in short bursts until I come up with something better.” He scowled. “What worries me more is that they knew which number they were looking for.”

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