Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Ninety-One

"Thank you," Charlotte flopped back on the bed. "I still can't get used to this. How can people do what Ryan and Sienna can?"

"I don't know," Martin said. "But I'm pretty sure it's not because they are aliens."

"Hmm?" Charlotte gave him a curious look.

"Those guys with guns apparently think people like us are alien invaders," Sienna said. "That's why they are on this rampage."

"Oh!" Charlotte chewed her lip. "That's... Ryan's not an alien. Mum was there when he was born."

"I didn't think he was," Martin said. "But they do."

"I know," Charlotte said. "I hope it's not too late." She sat in silence for a few moments before looking at Lucy. "Could I see the designs for Sienna's costume please?"

Lucy laughed and pulled her designs out. "Initially I was going to try something like this." She showed Charlotte the original sketch that she had done. "But I decided that wasn't really as good as looked in the drawing when I mocked up the pattern so I decided to go with something that at least nods to fictional superheroes without making her look like an acrobat." She passed Charlotte another, better done sketch of a tailored but not skintight jumpsuit in the same black and indogo of the original design. It also had a short cape attached at the shoulders. Sienna had worried when Lucy first showed her that but apparently the cape would be attached with snap fasteners so it would come off if pulled, and she had to admit it looked cool in the drawing.

"I like the second design better," Sienna agreed. "The first looked a bit like a Star Trek uniform."

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