Thursday, 8 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Seventy-Two

“Hah! Yes!” Wendy sounded entirely too enthusiastic about that idea in Sienna's opinion. “Let's do this!”

“We should start with a warm up with the tennis balls first,” Sienna said.

“You just want to show off for Lucy,” Martin said. “But it's not a bad idea to check you've got that fully bedded in before moving on.” He ran back into the other room and returned with two new tubes of tennis balls which he opened before tossing a couple of balls to Wendy and Lucy.

“What do we do with these?” Lucy asked.

“Throw them at Sienna as hard as you can, of course.” Wendy said. “If it hits her we get a point if she stops it she does.” She threw one of her balls hard without warning obviously trying to catch Sienna off guard.”

“Nice try!” Sienna stopped the ball about half an inch from her nose. She pushed it back to Wendy with a thought. “You might have managed to surprise me if you hadn't thrown it at me when I was looking at you.”

Lucy gave a low whistle. “That's pretty impressive!” She threw one of her tennis balls and grinned as Sienna stopped that as well and sent it back to orbit Lucy's head like a miniature moon until the other girl grabbed it out of the air. “Cool!”

“Your control is improving,” Martin said. “Five minutes of this, I think. Then we can move on.” He set the stopwatch on his phone. “I'll keep score.”

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