Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Eighty-Three

Chapter Five
Ryan's Problem

A couple of hours later Sienna was sat on Sienna's bed holding her knees and not saying anything. Sienna and the others were waiting patiently for her to be ready to talk but she was just staring in to space.

"I'm glad I have a large bedroom," Sienna said dryly. "Because it would suck to try and host an impromptu slumber party if I didn't."

Wendy just snorted and sat down on the bed next to Charlotte. "Come on, Charlotte," she said. "You said you needed help but you need to tell us what's going on if we're to do that."

"I-I-" Charlotte fumbled in her bag for her telephone, thumbed through her videos and put one to play. "Watch this."

The girls crowded around her and watched the small screen. It showed her cousin Ryan, who was indeed the short, brown haired one though in the video he was anything but quiet. He was seated at the dining table at Charlotte's house and Charlotte's mother was trying to get him to eat. The sound was poor but they could make out him swearing loudly at her before tossing the plate across the room. As it hit the wall the light bulb above his head shatterred and electrical sparks flew from from every socket in the room forcing Charlotte - who was appaently the one filming - and her mother to retreat to the kitchen.

A moment later broke down sobbing before fleeing up the stairs.

"He's flying off the handle at a drop of a bat and that sort of thing happens whenever he does." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "And he can hear what everyone is thinking as well. He's refusing to eat say he can't stand the noise and wants to die. Please help."

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