Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Sixty-Four (August Patreon Bonus Page)

“Okay,” Wendy said as she led them into the other room. She paused then leaned back into the first room. “And eat your sandwich.”

“I will,” he replied.

“Good!” she shut the door and turned back to Lucy and Sienna. “Right, first the armour.” She pulled aside the curtain to reveal it in its alcove. It had changed somewhat since Sienna had seen it – especially the helmet which now had extra pieces added to it to conceal what little of her skin and hair would have been showing previously. Well except for one glaring exception.

“What about your face?” Sienna asked. “That’s still exposed.”

“Oh right, I haven’t shown you that yet,” Wendy said. She reached into a draw and brought out what appeared to be a respirator of some kind and a pair of mirrored ski goggles with some odd technical add ons. “These should do the job.”

“Are you going to keep the mismatched scrapyard look?” Lucy asked. “And would you like me to work with you on a jumpsuit to wear under it.”

“I was planning to spray paint it a single colour but I haven’t decided what yet and it needs some final testing first.” Wendy hummed thoughtfully to herself. “And the jumpsuit idea is great. Could you work some systems into it if I designed them?”

“I think so, yes,” Lucy said. “Though I can’t swear to it. That’s why I asked if you’d work on it with me. I’ve never made wearable technology before but the idea of it intrigues me.”

“You’ll make it great I’m sure,” Wendy said.

“I think you should go with a silvery blue for the paint,” Lucy said. “A metallic one.”

“Metallic is good,” Wendy said. “But I was thinking red or green.”

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