Saturday, 10 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Seventy-Four

Another ten minutes of more controlled tennis ball throwing and they were certain that it wasn't just a fluke. Each ball they tossed at her stopped less than a millimetre from her skin before dropping to the ground. Martin picked up one of the balls. This one was only dented rather then destroyed.

“Interesting,” he said. “It looks like the damage is proportional to the force the object is thrown.”  He frowned for a moment. “But you can still touch things.” He laid the ball on the table top. “Hit it.”

Sienna looked at him for a moment then slammed her hand down on the ball hard.  “Ow!” She rubbed her hand. “What did that prove?”

“That your conscious shield only works against things moving towards you not if you are the one moving.”

“So she can't be stabbed but she can be impaled?” Lucy asked.

“Let's not test that,” Sienna said.

“No, that wouldn't be safe but there are few things I'd like to check before we carry on.” Martin flicked some water at her. It hit her skin with a splat.


“Well it doesn't appear to stop liquids,” Martin said. “And since you can still hear and breathe it probably doesn't stop gases either. Pardon me.” He reached out and touched Sienna's arm briefly. “It doesn't seem to interfere with touch. This is very curious.”

“Try and hit me,” Sienna said. “Not too hard obviously but a little punch so we can see if it stops that.”


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