Thursday, 15 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Seventy-Nine

"Okay." Sienna concentrate and imagined scooping them up and holding them at eye level. It was only a few second before the bits of metal lifted off the floor and hover in front of her.

"Good!" Martin said. "Now lets see how your fine control is coming on. Float them over to table and put them down one at a time in the shape of a flower."

Sienna chewed on he lip in concentration. This was the difficult bit. She moved them over to the table with no trouble but she had only shaped a couple of petals on her flower before the rest slipped from her grip and clattered to the table. She gave a heavy sigh. "I hate this game!" she muttered.

"Don't look so disheartened," Martin said.

"I am disheartened," she said. "I can't seem to do this."

"You're getting better," he said reassuringly. "When you first tried this you could barely get to half a petal before dropping the rest."

Which was true in so far as it went but it was still the hardest of the exercises Martin had come up with for her.

Lucy walked over and looked at the half-created flower. "Try again," she suggested. "Repition is the key to success."

"I know," Sienna said. "It's just hard." She gathered up the nuts and bolts and started dropping them into the flower pattern.

"Breathe," Lucy suggested. "You're holding your breathe and you are so tense. I bet this would work better when you are relaxed."

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