Friday, 16 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Eighty

"And you'd know that how?" Sienna asked mildly but she took the advice and tried to relax.

"Logic," Lucy said. "Tensing up rarely helps. When I was first learning to sew I would get all stressed and tense thinking I couldn't do it. Then the thread would get all tanlgled and everything would ruck up and I'd ruin what I was working on. Not good. Once I learned to relax and do everything smoothly it all worked.

"It does make sense," Martin said. "I can see your shoulders drawing in whenever you try this."

"I suppose it does." Sienna took few more cleansing breaths. "Okay, let's try this again." She lifted up the metal bits and began psychokinetically arranging them into a flower again. Except this time whenever she began to feel she was losing control she would stop and breathe until the stressed certainty she was about to drop them faded before continuing. It took longer but she was definitely getting further.

"Looking good," Martin said. "Halfway there."

Sienna paused and took another breath. "It's slow this way, but it is easier. Why is fine control harder?"  She went back to her task.

"I'm not sure," Martin said.

"It could be because it's more mentally sapping," Wendy said. "And since this is a task you're already using your already using your brain for it makes it harder."

"Makes sense," Sienna said as she put the last few bolts in the petals down and then placed the rest in the middle to make the centre of the daisy. "I did it!"

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