Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Seventy-Eight

Sienna checked her watch as she considered the question.

"Let's leave it," she said. "We've really only got time to see how my general strength and range are coming along before I have to go home, and I really want to see if it's improved again."

"That's fair," Martin said. "Well it's fairly safe to say that your pull and push strength is okay. Since you were pulling and pushing the nerf gun against Wendy's resistance, but it's not quite as heavy as you were dragging yesterday so we'll do a measured run in a bit and start with lifting. Let me fetch the stuff." He an into the other room and returned with two large bags of nuts and bolts and a set of scales. "Remind me how much you lifted yesterday?"

Sienna rolled her eyes at that. Martin knew exactly how much she had lifted yesterday. He'd been keeping notes and graphing her improvement to encourage her. "It was just over a kilo and a half," she said.

"It was fifteen hundred and twenty-five grams exactly," he said. "So let's aim to get over sixteen hundred grams today."

"Is that all?" Sienna said. "I'd like to try and reach two kilos today."

"Ambition is good," he replied. "But be careful. We don't know your limits yet and we don't want to overstress you."

"I'll be careful," Sienna promised.

"Good." Martin opened one of the negs of nuts and bolts and poured them on to the scale until the dispay read sixteen hundred grams. He dumped them on the floor in front of her. "Try lifting them for a start."

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