Thursday, 22 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Eighty-Five

"I wouldn't be surprised," Wendy said. "Though I'm not sure how we'd test it. For now let's deal with the immediate problems. We need to figure out how to help Ryan gain control and how to stop those men finding him. Was he exposed to the mist as well?"

Charlotte nodded. "He was at the park with some friends and went all wonky and started screaming about the noise. They got him home to Aunt Louise and Uncle Terrence but a couple of hours later this stuff with the electrics started." There was a deadly flatness in Charlotte's tone when she mentioned her aunt and uncle and Sienna had never known her call them anything but 'Aunty Lou' and 'Uncle Terry' before.

"Louise and Terrance?" she asked. “Sounds like you aren't happy with them?”

Charlotte's face tightened. "They freaked. Worse than I did about you. They dumped Ryan on the streets and skipped town with their other two kids. Aunt Louise called Ryan a freak to his face and said that she hoped those men shot him. It's lucky he wasn't quite as strung out then and had the presence of mind to come to Mum and Dad."

Sienna opened her mouth then closed it again. There really wasn't anything much you could say to that.

"Well," Wendy said awkwardly after a few moments. "We need to talk to Ryan first. Hopefully if we can help him figure out how to block out the noise he'll be able to learn to control the rest of it. I'm sure it's that that's making him so volatile."

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