Thursday, 22 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Eighty-Six (Catch-up Post)

"I'm not sure where we would even start with that," Sienna said. "I hope we can sort it out because constantly hearing everyone's thoughts sounds dreadful."

"It does," Wendy agreed. "Do you think you can coax him out of his room, Charlotte? We could do with getting him to the base to see if we can help."

"Plus it's a bit out of the way so hopefully it'll be quieter there for him," Lucy said.

"I was hoping Sienna would come over and talk to him," Charlotte said. "I thought maybe if she showed him her powers he'd be more willing to talk to her." She frowned. "What base?"

"It's the cellar of an old factory where Martin and Wendy build their robots," Sienna said. "I've been practising there."

"Oh," Charlotte said. "So will you come and talk to Ryan? Try and get him to let you take him there?"

"Sure," Sienna said. "Will your parents be out tomorrow?"

Charlotte nodded. "They both have work. Dad only works mornings so we'll need to go fairly early to avoid him."

"I won't stay the night after all," Wendy said. "I want to talk to Martin about this. He said his mother could sense emotions. She must have had a way to filter them and maybe he can remember something about it. See if you can get Ryan to come to the warehouse the day after tomorrow."

"I hope this works," Sienna said.

"Thank you for trying," Charlotte said. "I'm sorry I was such a berk when all this started."

"Pfft!" Sienna waved that aside. "You were scared. I don't blame you. Are we good now?"

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