Sunday, 18 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Part Eighty-One

"You did," Martin said. "So now let's see what the maximum you can lift and hold today is."

"Okay!" Sienna said.

Martin weighed another twenty-five grams of nuts and bolts and added them to the pile. "Try that."

Sienna concentrated for a moment and lifted them easily. They continued in the vein and she topped out at just over her two kilogram target. She grinned in delight when he announced that she has lifted two thousand and twenty-five grams.

"I told you I could do it today!" she said.

"You did," he agreed. "Do you think you could go higher?"

Sienna considered the question and checked her watch. "I think I could," she said. "But we're out of time. I need to get home. When shall we meet again?"

"I should be able to do your first fitting in a few days," Lucy said. "And it won't be long after that that I'll have the costume ready."

"I want to get at least two more training sessions in before then," Martin said. "I'd prefer to do them daily but I need to go into town tomorrow to buy dongles, so shall we say the day after and you promise to practice if you can do it safely." He looked over at Wendy. "And we need to do some suit checks before declaring it street ready. Shall we walk Sienna and Lucy home before coming back to do those."

"Of course I'll practice," Sienna said. "Shall we go?"

As they headed up the stairs towards daylight Sienna's phone started ringing. She looked at it and blinked in surprise. "Huh, it's Charlotte." She hesitated a moment before answering. "Hi, Char!"


  1. Part 80 appears to be missing the page links at the bottom of the page (Previous Page Home Next page). These are the only links that show up for mobile devices, at least for my own reading.

    Also, I believe:

    "Do you think you could go hire."

    should be

    "Do you think you could go higher."

    (or possibly "Do you think you could go higher?")

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading (and for being the first commentor who isn't me! :-D).

      Yes, higher. Thanks for the spot.

      As to the links, yes they are. It seems to be something to do with comments as they are missing on here as well. I shall have to investigate why that might happen.