Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Ninety-Two

"Speaking of costumes I think you should consider some sort of temporary costume if you are going to do this," Martin said.

"This?" Sienna asked. "You mean helping Ryan?"

Martin shook his head. "No, at least not just him. I know you, Sienna. Now the idea has been put in your head you'll decide to go looking for others even if you haven't thought of it yet."

Sienna hadn't. She'd been too focused on how to help Ryan but the moment Martin said it she knew he was right. She would have thought of the idea soon enough.

"Oh," she said. "You're probably right, but why a temporary costume."

"Something you can use to quickly conceal your identity if you come up against those men in the course of your search."

Sienna shuddered at the thought of such an encounter but it was a fair point. She swallowed back her fear and went and looked though her drawers before pulling out a black polo neck jumper and a pair of legging. "I-I'll need some sort of mask and some gloves."

"I have some gloves," Charlotte said. "I'll lend them to you tomorrow. The mask might be a bit more challenging. I suppose you could wear a balaclava."

"I'm not trying to look like a thug or a terrorist," Sienna said dryly.

"What about a halloween mask," Wendy said. "Do you still have that ghostly white one you wore last year?"

"That... that would work. And I think I do." She opened the bottom drawer of her chest of drawers and pulled out the white mask. It was a full head latex type with long white hair. "Not ideal, but it will do the job. I'll stick it all in a bag I can carry around though changing quickly might be a task."

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