Friday, 19 August 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Fifty-One

“I know,” her mother said. “But worrying will only make it worse. See you later.” She patted her daughter’s arm again and headed out the door. Lucy watched her go then looked back at Sienna and Wendy. “So how are you? I heard you two saw one of the shootings yesterday. That’s got to be worse than this.”

“We did,” Sienna said. “And I don’t know about Wendy but I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s go upstairs until dinner is ready.”

“Yeah, I don’t imagine you would.” Lucy said. “And sure, upstairs sounds good.”

Watching her usually fit friend climbing the stairs slowly and having to pause at the top to catch her breath really brought home to Sienna how sick Lucy still was. When they got into Sienna’s room Lucy immediately collapsed on to the bed.

“That was so hard,” she said after a pause. At least she was able to speak but she was still breathing heavily. “I hate this.”

“I can imagine.” Wendy said as she shut the door. “But we need to talk to you.”

“Oh?” Lucy said. “You mean about Sienna? I saw the videos people took of what happened yesterday.” She shuddered briefly. “No wonder you don’t want to talk about it, but it definitely makes me believe you about Sienna.”

“Good, because it’ll make this easier.”

“That’s right,” Wendy said. “Can you watch the door, Sienna?”

“Oh, very cloak and dagger,” Lucy said. “What’s so secret?”

Lucy listened in silence as Wendy told her what she wanted to do while Sienna listened for anyone coming up the stairs. When Wendy has finished Lucy started chuckling but it soon segued into a fit of racking coughs and they had to recover her breath before she could speak.

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