Friday, 26 August 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Fifty-Eight

Chapter Four
Training Session

A few days passed and the killings had died down though the police still seemed unable to track the shootings. The centre of Castleham had been reopened to the public and most of the shops were open again – albeit with scaffolding and boarded up windows in many cases and unnervingly armed police were on patrol – something Sienna had never thought to see. Sienna went with Wendy and Lucy to choose fabrics for her dress and her costume. She was still wondering why she had let Wendy talk her into this, but if she was honest with herself it felt like a perfectly natural thing to do with her new powers. Perhaps she had watched too many superhero movies and they’d gone to her head.

She had been practising with her new powers as well. She could still only lift light things and push slightly heavier things – nothing like that guy she had somehow thrown – but she no longer had to make herself feel stressed to do it and the weight she could move was steadily improving. Hopefully she would be able to move a useful amount of weight by the time her costume was made. More importantly her practice with her other power had got to the point where she could project a thought into a person’s mind without also forcing them to do it which made her feel better about it. And it would come in very useful. Martin was sure she should be able to hear thoughts as well but so far she had not been able to.

“I spoke to Charlotte,” Wendy said quietly as Lucy held up a bright blue silk that was obviously her suggestion for the dress.

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