Thursday, 20 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page One Hundred-and-Six

Sienna risked a glance over her shoulder as they ran just as the gunmen's car turn into the street and speed towards them. She swore to herself and started pulling the empty wheely bins from in front of the houses and blocking the road with them. Thank goodness the bin's had been emptied. Full ones might have been beyond her.

"That should at least slow them down." She looked back at the car and saw that one of the men was leaning out of the open window, holding some sort of large caliber gun. It was bigger than the other rifles she'd seen and certainly looked like it might do some damage to her. Fortunately the driver was swerving the sedan to avoid the bins so he couldn't aim properly.

"If we can get to the park we'll have a better chance," Charlotte said. "They'll have to abandon their vehicle to follow us."

"Good idea." Sienna nodded and fixed her eyes on the railings several hundred yards ahead. She sped up a little and tried to ignore the fact that she could hear their pursuers gaining on them in spite of her efforts. As soon as they got clear of the bins the guy with the gun would be able to aim.

"I don't think we'll make it," Ryan said. "Can't you think of anything else?"

Sienna opened her mouth to say no when a white hatchback car screeched into the road just ahead of them and stopped. The door flew open and her father looked out at her, Charlotte and Ryan.

"Get in!"

Sienna was glad the halloween mask stopped him seeing her mouth drop open as she bundled Charlotte and Ryan into the car before climbing in herself. As soon as she slammed the door her father span the car around and took off the way he'd come.

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