Saturday, 15 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page One Hundred-and-Four

She was somewhat flummoxed when the crowd in the street burst into cheers and applause when she emerged.

"You showed them, honey!" One of the men in the crowd yelled. "I don't think we could have held them much longer."

She stood there blinking in surprise for a moment. Usually being called 'honey' by some random guy would have got her back up, but that seemed a bit churlish when he was praising her for doing something he couldn't. The blonde woman standing next to him clearly thought otherwise because she hit her forehead with the heel of her hand  before stepping on his toes hard.

"I'm sorry about my brother, miss," she said. "Apparently he can't avoid being sexist even when he's trying to thank someone for saving us." She smiled warmly. "But I think he's right it was about to turn into a bloodbath before you appeared. Thank you. Do you have a name?"

Sienna froze. She didn't have a voice changer yet but the question required a response.

You can call me Indigo Shadow. She willed her mental voice to reach the whole crowd. And you are very welcome. She looked up the street as the police cars finally turned the corner. The blonde woman turned and looked as well.

"You had better get going, Miss Shadow," she said. "I doubt the police will take kindly to a superhero outdoing them." She choked slightly. "I can't believe I just said that unironically." She eyed Sienna thoughtfully. "But why Indigo? You're wearing black."

You'll know when you see my final costume. Sienna grabbed onto Ryan and Chalotte's hands and rushed off, away from the approaching police.

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