Saturday, 8 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Ninety-Nine

Sienna waited until the creaking above her confirmed that Charlotte and Ryan were moving then cautiously looked out of the window again. The standoff was still continuing. Though the crowd was a little smaller. Some must have run when the men fired over their heads. Sienna didn't blame them.

She chewed on her lip. Ryan had said the men were about to start shooting and she believed him. She knew she could distract them but first she had to get out there unseen and she wasn't sure how she was going to pull that off. Unless...

She tilted her head as an idea occured to her. She hurried down the stairs to the front door and concentrated on sending a blast of thought at everyone in the street.

Do not notice me!

She'd never tried to influence more than one person at a time and she had no idea if it would work even if she could. She might be doing the mental equivalent of yelling at people not to look at her for all she knew. Still it was her only chance.

She cracked the front door open cautiously and peeked out. No one reacted. She slowly opened it a bit more, just enough to slip outside then closed it behind her. Still nothing. It seemed to be working.

She kept pushing the instruction not to notice her at everyone as she worked he way around the edge of the crowd so she could get a view of the men and their guns.

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