Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Ninety-Seven

"What are we going to do?" Charlotte collapsed onto her bed, hugging herself.

Sienna took a breath and looked up at the lost panel in the corner of the ceiling. She gritted her teeth and pushed it up with her mind. "You can still get from house to house right up there right?"

"Yeah." Charlotte's eyes widened. "Wait you want us to escape through the loft?"

Sienna nodded. "Well, you and Ryan anyway." She started pulling her temporary costume out of her bag. "You can sneak out through the empty house at the end of the row."

"What about you?" Charlotte asked frantically. "You're not thinking of taking them on, are you?"

"I'm going to distract them." Sienna started pulling off her jeans. Ryan turned away and faced the wall, flushing red. "Sorry, no time for decorum." She pulled on the leggings on and quickly changed her top. She was just grabbing the ridiculous mask when a shot rang out from outside. "Damn! They've started shooting--" She broke off as she realised that instead of screaming there was only a deathly silence.

"They fired over the crowd's head to try and get them to scatter." Ryan's eyes were unfocused. "It didn't work. The crowd isn't shifting. I don't think their restraint will last much longer. We should move out quickly."

"Good idea." Sienna nodded. "And will you be able to listen for them and avoid them, or is the mental noise too much."

"I should be able to manage that," he said. "But it will give me an awful headache." He clambered up on a chair and through the loft panel. "Come on, Char."

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