Monday, 24 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page One Hundred-and-Eight

"Please, stop!" Sienna said. "We have to stop them opening fire on the crowd!"

"That's not a good idea, sweetpea," her father said. "You being there would just make it more likely that they'll open fire."

"But..." Sienna twisted and looked out the rear window. She chewed her lip and as she strained to hear what was going on behind them. Those men had so little patience she was certain that she would hear the sound of gunfire soon. Instead she heard sirens.

"It's okay." Ryan was still clinging to her arm. "The police have arrived and those guys scarpered when faced by trained marksmen." He hesitated as Sienna sighed in relief. "But the police are after you as well." He sounded offended. "They're saying it's because you're a vigilante but you didn't do anything... and I think someone has told them too."

"Another reason not to go back," her father said. "If you're going to this you're probably going to have to persuade the government to leave you alone." He swang the car through a few more turns. "There that should throw anyone off. Thank goodness there's no cameras in the suburbs yet." He pulled into a cheap looking used car dealership. A man came out of one of the portacabins and pointed into the garage.

"I borrowed the car from here," Robert said. "We'll swap over now."

Sure enough their family car was inside the garage. As they piled out the man who had waved them in rushed over and began pumping Sienna's hand.

"I saw you!" He nodded to a TV in the corner. "You were amazing!"

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