Saturday, 22 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page One Hundred-and-Seven

"Don't take your mask off, sweetpea," Robert cautioned as they sped down the road. "Not until we're sure it's safe."

Sienna wanted to ask how he'd known it was her but decided that could wait until they were safe. Instead she twisted in her seat and looked out the car's rear window at their pursuers. They weren't far behind and the guy was still leaning right out of the passenger window and aiming at them.

"Shit!" she said.

Her father looked in the rear view mirror. "Damn, they are pesistant aren't they? Do you think you can take out their tyres?"

"I-" Sienna stared at the sedan following them. "The range and weight is a lot beyond what I've tried before but I'll try." She took a breath then concentrated on the the right front wheel, imaging tearing it away from the car. Nothing seemed to happen but then the sedan swerved a little as if the driver was having trouble steering. "I think it's doing something." She tried to focus all her fear into her psychokinesis to see if that helped. Seeing someone aiming a gun at you certainly helped with the fear thing.

The tyre didn't blow out or come off like she'd hoped but the sedan's driving became increasingly erratic and after a moment she realised that the wheel was twisted oddly. "I think I damaged the steering."

"Good enough," her father said. "They won't be able to shoot or keep up like that." He paused as half a brick struck the man aiming at them as the street's residents came out to block them just like they had at Charlotte's. Some of them were armed with cricket and baseball bats but that was no match for a gun.

"Uh..." Sienna said.

"That will help as well," her father said. "I just hope the police aren't far behind." He spun the car around another corner and sped away.

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