Saturday, 15 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page One Hundred-and-Five

"We need somewhere for you to get changed back into your normal clothes," Charlotte said as they ran around the corner out of sight of the police. You're a bit conspicuous wearing that.

"Not yet," Ryan said. "I can hear a third group of gunmen out there."

Sienna stopped running at that and scowled. "Where?"

Ryan's face contorted in concentration. "Just ahead of us and heading this way."

"You can hear them even though I'm holding your hand?" Sienna asked as she looked around for a hiding place. "I thought that blocked you."

"It does," he said. "But apparently I can still hear people if I'm actively listening for them. It's actually easier to make them out."

"Just how many people did they send after you?" Charlotte said.

"Good question." Ryan obviously listened some more because his already pale skin when the colour of porridge. "This group weren't after me they'd just finished their own mission when they heard this group was in trouble and came to help." He bit his lip. "And they've got some sort of bigger gun which they think might work against Sienna."

Sienna flinched. Given the way her shoulder was still aching that seemed very possible and she couldn't be sure she could control them into not shooting. It was hard work. In some ways harder than lifting things.

"I really don't want to test that. What's the best route away from them?"

Ryan tilted his head before pointing to the left. "But they are in a vehicle. I don't think we can outrun them."

"No but we can try," she said.

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