Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Ninety-Six

"Here they are!" Charlotte pulled a pair of white cotton gloves from dressing table drawer. "I have no idea why mum bought me these. They don't even fit. Probably her idea of a joke."

"Thanks!" Sienna took the gloves and tried them on. They fitted her perfectly. "These are great! Thanks again."

Charlotte grinned at that. "You're welcome."

Sienna smiled back and sat down on the corner of Charlotte's bed while they waited for Ryan. After a moment Sienna sighed and gave Charlotte a serious look.

"Ryan's in a much worse state than I imagined from that video and your description."

Charlotte nodded unhappily. "He's falling apar--" She broke off at the sound of a heavy car door slamming. Sienna tensed and saw Charlotte do the same. Apparently that weren't the only ones because within seconds they could hear a massive row going on outside even though the street had been empty when they arrived.

Charlotte snuck across to the window and peeked out before swearing violently.

"We have to get you and Ryan out of here now!"

Well that didn't soound good. Sienna joined her at the window abd saw that a group of the gunmen were trying to reach Charlotte's front door but were being held back by a crowd of the neighbours who were risking being shot themselves to try and stop them.

"We can sneak out the back way," Charlotte said. "Thank goodness for the neighbours."

"We can't," Ryan said. "They're coming that way as well. I can hear them."

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