Thursday, 7 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Two

“You want to eat again?” Wendy – her other best friend – asked lightly. “Good grief where do you put it all? If I ate that much I’d balloon.” The dark skinned girl grinned in a way that showed she meant no malice.

“You know where I put it.” Lucy grinned in response. “Into training to jump over hurdles very fast. You could eat more if you spent less time building junkyard robots with Martin.”

“Hey, everybody should have a hobby,” Wendy said. “And designing fighting robots and using them to smash up other people’s in the arena is mine.”

“That’s because you’re weird,” Charlotte said. “I’m surrounded by weirdos. But I agree with Lucy it is nearly time for Lunch but I want to visit Boots first. I need some foundation.”

“We can do that.” Sienna tore herself from the window and looked around. “I could do with some new lippy myself."

Boots was a little way away from the Star Centre, across the High Street and along the road. The four girls headed through the shopping centre and out into the street where the stalls of the Saturday market were bustling with people enjoying the Spring sunshine. As they walked along towards their destination they chatted about where to go for Lunch and to buy the fabric for Sienna’s dress.

Five minutes later they were standing at the make up racks discussing which colours to choose when Sienna noticed one of the security guards standing behind a pillar trying to be inconspicuous but definitely watching them. She looked back at the rack and whispered about him to the other three.

Charlotte glanced over and smirked. “Four teenage girls,” she said wryly. “Clearly he thinks we’re plotting a make-up heist.”

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