Friday, 22 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Twenty-Two

She only managed to eat one slice but she felt a bit better afterwards but it did seem to satisfy her mother who simply put the rest the pizza in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

“I think I’ll go to bed now,” Sienna said even though it was only early evening. “I’m really tired.”

“I’m not surprised.” Her mother hugged her and kissed her forehead. “Sleep well, sweetie.”

After an hour of tossing and turning while the events of the afternoon replayed on a loop in her head Sienna realised that she was not going to fall asleep easily so got up and padded downstairs.

“Mum.” Sienna poked her head into the lounge where her mother was sitting watching the news.

“I’m going to make myself some warm milk.”

“Okay, sweetie,” her mother looked around. “Trouble settling down.”

“Yeah,” Sienna said. “Every time I close my eyes I see what happened.”

“Not surprising,” her mother said. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not yet.” Sienna slipped into the kitchen and heated herself a mug of milk before returning to the lounge.

“Anything changed?” she asked, nodding towards the television.

“Not really,” her mother said. “I don’t know why I’m watching it.” She picked up the remote and flicked through the channels until she found a documentary about the middle ages. “I’ve seen the same report several times and it just makes me think about how you could have been one of the hurt or dead people.”

“Did a lot of people die?”

“Quite a few,” her mother said sadly. “Not just the ones that some nutter shot, but quite a few people who had the same symptoms as Lucy but didn’t get help in time and a couple who were unlucky and got lacerations bad enough they bled to death.”

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