Saturday, 16 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Fifteen

“Thanks!” Sienna said and the three of them headed to the portacabin where hair samples and skin swabs taken before they were told to shower thoroughly. When they emerged their clothes were gone replaced by coveralls.

"You’ll get them back,” one of the technicians promised. “But we need to test and decontaminate them as well. For now let’s get you to the hospital to join your friend.” He hustled them outside and into a waiting police car which just as promised took them to the Accident and Emergency department.

“We don’t think anything criminal has happened at the moment,” their escort said. “But if that changes we’ll need a statement so I’ll have to take your addresses, and with the mobile network currently overloaded we’ll be able to reassure your parents you’re–” He broke off as the very noticeable sound of gunfire came from  direction of the town centre. “Now that certainly is criminal. I’d better go and find out what's happening.” He hurried off leaving them in a cubicle with Lucy who was still unconscious and on Oxygen but no longer struggling to breath.

In the corner of the cubicle was a television and someone had set it to the news. Sienna wasn’t surprised to see that everything centered on Castleham and what had happened there. From the way that the reporter was standing outside the Star Centre among the dust and ruin but with no sign of the strange magenta fog and ambulances behind her she gathered that it must have cleared and the cordon lifted which meant other casualties would start arriving soon.

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