Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Nine

“I don’t know,” Sienna said. “But she’s going to die if we don’t get her there so we have to try.” She went back to the others and told them what she had learned. Lucy was still slumped against Charlotte and each breath made a terrible sawing sound but she was still breathing at least.

“We don’t even have a stretcher how do we carry her?” Charlotte asked.

“Luce, can you walk if we help you?” Wendy asked.

There was a long pause and Sienna wasn’t even sure if she was conscious enough to understand the question but then she shook her head.

“I’ve got an idea! Wait here.” Sienna raced down the street to where a small mobility aid shop lay. The owner was standing outside staring at the shattered windows.

“Excuse me!” she said. “We need to get my friend to the edge of this fog.” She pointed to where Lucy and the others were just visible. “She can’t breathe. Can we borrow a wheelchair from your stock, please? I promise that I’ll make sure that you’ll get it back.”

The man scowled at her. “Well at least you’re asking but you should wait for the paramedics.”

“Probably, but I don’t think Luce has time for that,” she said and then told him what the policewoman had told her.

He stared at her a moment longer his annoyed scowl collapsing into a more thoughtful frown. “Okay, but if I don’t get it back you’ll have to pay for it.” He disappeared into the shattered remains of his shop and returned with a small folding wheelchair. “This should do the job.” His expression softened slightly. “Don’t worry if it gets damaged. Just don’t steal it.”

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