Thursday, 28 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Twenty-Eight

“Hmm… I can see that,” Wendy said. “But I think we’re okay here where nothing happened. You can but ask. You can’t practice here.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Sienna said, “Let’s go and ask.”

“That’s the spirit,” Wendy said.

“Mum, Dad do you think it’s safe for me and Wendy to go for a walk?” Sienna asked once they got downstairs. “I need to clear my head.”

Her parents didn’t answer immediately but instead looked at each other.

“Well whoever shot those poor people is still at large,” her mother said hesitantly. “Though there hasn’t been any more since the gas cleared.” She looked at Sienna’s father. “What do you think?”

“It should be okay,” he said. “There was no trouble when I went to the shop so the local major incident plan seems to have coped. The police have said it’s safe to go out as long as people avoid the town centre. Just be careful though. It is worrying that they don’t know who murdered those people yet. I don’t think you’re at risk though. From what the news said all the victims were men.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Sienna said. “We’ll be careful.”

“Take your phone in case something happens, sweetpea,” he said. “And don’t be gone too long.”

“Okay, dad,” Sienna grabbed it from where it was sitting on the sideboard and put it in her bag as she and Wendy headed out the door. When they reached the end of the path Sienna turned to Wendy. “So where’s this factory.”

“Not far,” Wendy said. “Follow me.” She set off down the road towards the edge of town.

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