Friday, 15 July 2016

Indigo Shadow: Page Fourteen

Sienna wouldn’t have minded knowing the answer to that herself but right now she was more concerned about the fact that Lucy seemed to have passed out.

“We need to get Lucy to help then we can worry about that,” she said.

Wendy stared at her for a moment then nodded but Charlotte continued staring at her and didn’t seem ready to move until she got an answer.

“Look, Charlotte, I’m as baffled and scared as you are!” she snapped after a moment. “I don’t know what’s going on but I do know Lucy needs help now and this wait so get bloody moving!” As she snapped at Charlotte she felt something click inside her head and her friend seemed jolted backwards. Charlotte’s eyes clouded for a moment then she nodded.

“You’re right,” she said and began pushing the chair again.

Sienna started walking again but she was frowning as she did. She didn’t know how any more than she knew how she’d thrown their assailant into the wall but she was certain she’d just made Charlotte start moving again and her stomach roiled guiltily as they hurried the last few hundred yards to where the mist finally petered out and they found a police cordon with paramedics and fire engines just beyond them.

As they came up to the cordon someone spotted them and several paramedics came running and took Lucy off their hands. Then a policeman pointed them towards a portacabin.

“Go and get decontaminated, girls,” he said. “Then you can join your friend. We don’t know what this agent is yet or where it came from but we have established that it's not biological and doesn’t seem to be an attack. Fortunately it only seems to be affecting some people so I don’t imagine we’ll hold you long.”

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